Professional Development

For those looking to learn more about nature-based early childhood education practices, I offer professional development workshops from a 1-hour keynote address to a multi-day workshop. All of the professional development workshops are fun and engaging, while also being informative and inspirational. Contact me for more information about available topics and pricing.

Keynote addresses

Looking for inspiration for a conference? I'd be happy to present a keynote address to inspire, challenge, and motivate your attendees to move from early childhood programming detached from nature to one embracing all of the elements of nature-based early childhood education. My goal with keynote addresses is to give you and your attendees the knowledge and skills to begin implementing ideas into your program immediately, while inspiring you to dream big about what the future might hold for your early childhood program. Contact me to book a date!  


Professional development workshops focus on incorporating nature-based activities into your curriculum while maintaining high quality early childhood practices. Together we will customize each workshop to your particular program and teachers' needs. Some of the topics for professional development include:

  • Benefits of nature-based approaches for young children
  • Developing large and small group activities
  • Integrating nature into your indoor environment
  • Communicating with parents about the nature-based approach
  • Leading excursions outside the play area
  • Developing natural play areas
  • Distinguishing between outdoor hazards, risks, & fears
  •  STEM and nature-based early childhood education
  • Talking and Thinking Floorbooks (An approach to ongoing study documentation developed by Claire Warden. I am a Claire Warden Certified Training Consultant with Mindstretchers based out of Scotland.) 

Have something else in mind? Contact me to discuss the possibilities. 

TeAm Coaching

Have you started integrating nature into your early childhood programs, but would like additional support or coaching? I can help with that! I can provide individual and team coaching over the course of the school year to help move your teams to a more nature-based pedagogy. I am also a reliable rater for the HighScope Program Quality Assessment (PQA), which I can complete in connection with or separate from coaching. I can serve as an early childhood specialist (ECS) or provide support in addition to your ECS. In other words, there are lots of options! Give me a call and we can make a plan that works best for you and your team. 

Ready to get started? Click here, and we'll work together to make a plan!