Interested in starting a nature-based preschool? Or perhaps moving your existing preschool towards a more nature-based approach? Whatever your starting point, I'm here to help! Each situation is unique, and thus together we will specify outcomes based on your particular needs. Here are a few consulting services I provide related to nature-based preschools:

  • Administrative Support (Offered in partnership with David Catlin Consulting LLC
    • Securing a program site
    • Business planning 
    • Speaking to stakeholders (board of directors, parents, potential funders, etc.)
    • Grant writing
    • Staff recruitment and hiring
    • Licensing a new program
  • Program Support (see my page on Professional Development for additional program support services)
    • Establishing a program philosophy 
    • Developing a nature-based curriculum
    • Designing and enhancing natural play areas
    • Evaluating program quality

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