Two Veteran Professionals Team Up to Offer Business Planning for Nature-Based Preschools

I'm very excited to announce that Dave Catlin (David Catlin Consulting LLC) and I are joining forces to offer business planning consulting for organizations looking to start a nature-based preschool!

Dave and I each bring a unique set of skills to the table that make us an ideal team for assisting any organization looking to get into the nature-based preschool business. The services we will provide include all aspects of business planning--market assessments, strategic plan facilitation, architectural pre-planning, budgeting, and everything else required to get a preschool up and running.

As Dave said, "Nature centers, parks, zoos and individuals all over the country are joining a growing trend to get young children outdoors by creating nature-based preschools. Their confidence in the business side of things doesn’t always match their passion and enthusiasm, though. We aim to help with that." 

Click here for the press release with more details or contact either of us to get started!